3D Printed Ultrasounds

When you're expecting a baby, every chance to get a sneak peek of them is welcome. Because of the popular desire to catch an early glimpse of your little one, elective ultrasounds have become increasingly popular over the years. Most elective ultrasounds are done in 3D so you can get a full look at your baby and see how they are growing and developing.

These 3D ultrasound images provide a unique opportunity to create amazing keepsakes and gifts to remember your pregnancy. Most sonogram machines can output the file types needed to create a 3D print! Imagine being able to hold your 20 week baby and see/touch the details of their face and little hands. Something that would never be possible without the technology of 3D printing.

How Do I Get My 3D Ultrasound Printed?

Getting your ultrasound images printed requires a specific file type that most sonogram machines can export. You will need to speak with your ultrasound provider and explain what you need, but they will most likely be able to accommodate your request. We've provided a simple set of steps to follow so you can get the files needed to print your ultrasounds! Just follow the instructions under whichever type of 3D printed ultrasound you'd like to order:

3D Ultrasound Models

3D printed 3D ultrasound

Having a baby is a exciting time in many people's lives, but the 9 month wait to meet their baby can really drag on! 3D sonograms/ultrasounds can be an amazing way for parents to visualize their baby before they come into the world.

Through 3D printing, we can take the 3D ultrasound experience to the next level and allow parents to hold a printed replica of their child. 3D Print Pittsburgh can print copies of 3D ultrasounds from a file format that is available by default from most mainstream ultrasound machines. The resulting print is to-scale, highly detailed, and an amazing keepsake for the parents, friends, and family.

Ultrasound Lithophanes

2D ultrasound lithophane

Ultrasound photos are a great keepsake for parents-to-be that they will most likely get at every sonogram they have. These are the first "photos" of their baby and sure to make them smile every time they see them!

With a cool 3D printing technique, we can create a version of these ultrasound images that is fun to display and show off. Lithophanes are 3D printed images that reveal themselves when placed in front of a light. These unique decor pieces can be hung in a window, placed near a light, or even be built in to a 3D printed lamp! Lithophanes make great gifts for parents, grandparents, or friends who would love to have a keepsake of the baby.

Pittsburgh Ultrasound Providers

Are you an ultrasound provider in the greater Pittsburgh area? We'd love to work with you!

We offer discounted rates for providers so they can offer this unique keepsake to their clients. The process is simple: You perform the ultrasound, export the proper file format* from the sonogram machine, send it our way, and we print the image in 3D! The client will work directly with you to order the print, you just let us know which image to produce.

Prints take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete, then clients can come back to you for pickup or you can choose to ship to them.

*Every 3D ultrasound file will need a bit of post-processing to make it print-ready. This involves digitally "sculpting" any excess that doesn't need to be included in the final print. This service is accounted for and included in the price of each 3D print.

Want to Offer These Prints to Your Patients?

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