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So what is it, exactly?

The 3D Print Pittsburgh vendor program is a community effort to build a local marketplace for 3D printer enthusiasts. We aim to provide an online store front for interested print hobbyists in the Western Pennsylvania area to be able to sell their creations. We then advertise our site and listings through various online platforms such as Google and Facebook.

The vendor program is much more than just a marketplace, however. By joining our group, you'll receive a 20% discount on our entire line up of Polymaker filaments, access to our support team, and more.

Connect with other local makers

When you join the 3D Print Pittsburgh vendor program, you'll get access to our vendor-only Facebook group where you'll be able to get local help and support with printing questions. Whether you just want to shoot the breeze about your latest project or you need help figuring out an issue that's been plaguing your print farm, our Facebook group is a great place to connect with other local printers. We aim to foster more than just an online marketplace for 3D print sales in the form of a thriving, virtual, local community where we can all share in our love of printing!

Like discounts? Get 20% off our entire in-stock Polymaker filament line up!

Polymaker is an international filament supplier with their own in house R&D team, and a wide selection of filaments to choose from. We carry PolyTerra PLA, PolyLite PETG, PolyMide PA, and PolyFlex TPU blends in our store, and we use Polymaker filaments for all the prints produced in our FDM farm. Their high quality and precision means that we can produce reliable parts while having a consistent view of their performance characteristics.

While we don't require our vendors use any specific filaments, we offer 20% off the entire line of Polymaker filaments that we carry. If we don't carry a Polymaker filament and you'd be interested in purchasing it as part of our vendor program, shoot us an email at [email protected]m and we'll consider adding it to our line up!

Need help finishing up a large print job? We can help.

Out of town and need a quick print turned off and shipped for your store? Just got a huge order and have too much of a back log? No problem! Just shoot us a message with an STL file and we can help you get caught up! We can't turn off all of your orders, but we can definitely help out in a pinch. As a vendor, you can email us with any job and we'll negotiate discounted rates to help you get caught up on your orders!

Marketing and advertising built right in!

3D Print Pittsburgh is active on Facebook and TikTok, and we also pay for online advertising on both Google and Facebook. As we grow, we intend to continue scaling up our marketing efforts to help raise awareness for our marketplace in the Pittsburgh area. By signing up for the vendor program, not only do you get a discount, you'll get to take advantage of our free and paid advertising at absolutely no cost to you!

We occasionally also attend tabling events around the city, where we not only advertise the marketplace, but we also sell some small products. By joining the vendor program, you'll have a chance to be featured for consignment at our tabling events. We randomly choose some of our top sellers at every event and offer an opportunity to have your products sold at our table!

So what's the catch?

That's the best part! There isn't one 🙂

In exchange for all the awesome resources our vendor program provides you, we only ask for two small things:

  1. Maintain at least one active listing in the marketplace every month.
  2. Commit to 15% commission on every sale.

That's it! We don't have any contracts or monthly subscription fees to take advantage of our program. Sign up anytime and cancel whenever. Our goal is to build a no obligation community that offers appealing benefits to our members without any overbearing requirements.

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