Welcome to the 3D Print Pittsburgh Blog!

We’re excited to launch our blog this week for 3D Print Pittsburgh! This space will give us somewhere to share what’s going on with our printing adventures, updates and news about 3D Print Pittsburgh, and give a more in-depth look into what we do for our clients.

There will be a couple of on-going categories for the blog that we will update fairly regularly for specific interests within the world of 3D printing:

Quick Prints

Our “quick prints” category is where we will be able to share projects that we printed with unique challenges. These prints could be challenging shapes, use specialized filaments, or just something really cool that we wanted to share. These posts won’t be tutorials or guides, but will talk about how we overcame or worked within a challenge to bring it to life.

Case Studies

The case studies category will be exactly that—case studies about our projects that we found really interesting! Some will be client projects (with client consent) and others will just be personal projects we took on for ourselves. These will offer a deeper look into how we work and hopefully answer a lot of questions about what is possible with 3D printing!

Art Printing

Our final on-going category will be “art printing”. This is where we will explore the more artistic side of 3D printing and how this can be an amazing medium for artists of all walks. We will cover topics like painting your 3D prints, printing elements to add to mixed media work, and tools you can print to make your creative time more productive.

We will surely add more than just these three categories as the blog grows and we hope you’ll stick around to see what we’re working on! You can keep up to date with our prints and projects by following us on social:

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