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Introducing Our Custom 3D Print Request Tool

We’ve now made it easier than ever to get a full quote for your custom 3D printing project. After getting a quote, you can even pay right on site and our team will get started on your request. This new tool makes it easier for you to get started right from the comfort of your…

Polymaker filament on a recycled carboard spool

3D Print Pittsburgh X Polymaker

3D Print Pittsburgh is proud to have chosen Polymaker as our primary filament supplier! Read on to find out why we picked their company.

Welcome to the 3D Print Pittsburgh Blog!

We’re excited to launch our blog this week for 3D Print Pittsburgh! This space will give us somewhere to share what’s going on with our printing adventures, updates and news about 3D Print Pittsburgh, and give a more in-depth look into what we do for our clients. There will be a couple of on-going categories…