Introducing Our Custom 3D Print Request Tool

We’ve now made it easier than ever to get a full quote for your custom 3D printing project. After getting a quote, you can even pay right on site and our team will get started on your request. This new tool makes it easier for you to get started right from the comfort of your computer. You can check out the new online request tool here:

Start by uploading your file

Have an STL, OBJ, or STP file for a part that you’re looking to have printed? You can upload the file by clicking the “Upload Model” button. Our tool will process the file and reorient it in the best way possible. It will also check the file to see if support structures will be required.

Choose your material

After uploading your file, you can select your chosen material from our broad range of Polymaker filaments. We carry most basic filaments, including PLA, PETG, and TPU, as well as some specialty PLA blends. Also, we carry all of Polymaker’s industrial filament line, including their PA6 carbon fiber and fiberglass blends which are great for structural pieces that require more strength than your traditional print.

Select the best quality for your job

After selecting your material, you can choose between available printer types and qualities that we offer. Currently, we offer FDM printing only, at three different qualities. You can choose between our high quality (.12mm layer height, .4mm nozzle), standard quality (.2mm layer height, .4mm nozzle), and low quality (.35mm layer height, .8mm nozzle) options depending on your needs. For most prints, standard quality is a perfectly fine choice. High quality is best for smaller prints with more detailed requirements. Low quality is great for those larger prints that would otherwise take a lot of time. Using a larger nozzle and taller layer height, we can knock these larger prints out in a fraction of the time / cost.

Choose an infill percentage

Infill is the plastic inside of your piece. Since 3D printing is an additive manufacturing method that works by building up an items layer by layer, parts don’t actually have to be fully solid. This can save on material and manufacturing time / cost. For stronger pieces, however, the best bet is to still go with a high infill amount. We prefer 100% infill for any structural pieces.

Finalize and review your quote

After uploading your file and choosing all of your options, you’ll be presented with a cost per item! Simply adjust the quantity to your required amount and add the item to your cart. You can check out right on site with any major credit / debit card. Once payment has been received, your file and all options will be emailed to our team for review.

Money back guarantee

Upon receiving your files and payment, our team will review your project and determine if there are any outstanding issues that would prevent the file from printing properly, such as an unreasonable support layout or possible thin structures. If we spot anything that we think could pose an issue, we’ll make sure to reach out before we send your file into production to go over options. We’ll work to help you get the file touched up and print ready, but worst case scenario we can always provide you with a 100% refund of your original purchase cost at any point before production begins. After a job has entered production, we will stand behind any manufacturer defects or aberrations in print quality due to machine / production issues. Please note that damage caused by part usage is not covered under our warranty.

Get started on your project today!

Now that it’s easier than ever before to get started on your own custom 3D printing project, what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out our new online request tool today to get started.