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Choosing the Right Options for Your Custom 3D Print Project

When ordering a custom 3D print online, there are a number of options that most manufacturers will generally ask for, however not all of these options are common knowledge. By varying different elements of your print, you can either make more robust, strong pieces, or you can save time by cutting down on filament densities…

Advantages of Prototyping with 3D Printing

3D printing is a great technology with so many uses and advantages for countless industries. One of the most wide-spread uses for it is what’s referred to as “rapid prototyping”. This is an industry term for using fabrication techniques that quickly bring an idea from digital file to physical model. 3D printing has given engineers…

Welcome to the Farm: Our Custom Upgraded Creality Printers

At 3D Print Pittsburgh, we definitely have a love for consistency and quality. That’s why we have a high standard for everything we choose to use for our print farm, especially our printers! Through a lot of personal experience, we landed on the Creality Ender 3 Pro as our go-to printer. Between the inexpensive cost…

Ender 3 Pro direct drive

The Recipe for a Perfectly Tuned Ender 3 Pro

When you run a print farm at scale, you quickly find that the fundamental metric that determines your success is uptime. Uptime is determined both by incoming demand, as well as printer upkeep, maintenance, and tuning. If printers aren’t maintained well, you’ll find prints being to fail for various reasons, all of which can be…

Introducing Our Custom 3D Print Request Tool

We’ve now made it easier than ever to get a full quote for your custom 3D printing project. After getting a quote, you can even pay right on site and our team will get started on your request. This new tool makes it easier for you to get started right from the comfort of your…

Polymaker filament on a recycled carboard spool

3D Print Pittsburgh X Polymaker

3D Print Pittsburgh is proud to have chosen Polymaker as our primary filament supplier! Read on to find out why we picked their company.