3D Print Pittsburgh X Polymaker

3D Print Pittsburgh is proud to announce that we have chosen Polymaker as our primary filament supplier!

Having a primary, dedicated filament brand means more consistent prints, as well as range of colors and materials that we have personally tested to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Polymaker has been in the 3D printing game since 2013, working to make high quality 3D printing materials that produce amazing printed pieces. They have a huge range of filaments in plenty of amazing colors and materials, all of which have been rigorously tested by their internal R&D laboratory.

3D Print Pittsburgh aligns with the high quality standards and sustainability efforts Polymaker strives for. Their eco-friendly line of PLA comes on recycled cardboard spools, which we love! They also have a strict quality control process that ensures their filaments are sure to print consistently.

Specialized filaments are a big part of 3D Print Pittsburgh’s client needs, so having access to Polymaker’s line of industrial filaments means we can print a wide range of practical parts for our industrial clients. Through Polymaker we have access to carbon fiber, fiberglass, and even wood infused filaments that expand the possibilities of what we can print.

We’re very excited to offer this line and to have Polymaker as our dedicated material supplier. We cant wait to hear about your project and see how 3D Print Pittsburgh and Polymaker can work together to bring it to life!

Get in touch with us today to talk about your 3D printing needs and get a free quote on your project.