Mixer Unicorn Horn – Rainbow Available!


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Make your mixer more majestic with this unicorn horn!

Easily mounts to the mixer and is designed to work with the screw that normally holds the mixer plate cover onto the machine.

Our multicolored horn is the best on Etsy. Printed slower, at a higher resolution, and with more material, so it has a look and feel you’d expect to find on a brand name mixer. You will find no cost cutting shortcuts here.

RAINBOW NOTE: To get the horn to switch colors quickly throughout the horn, we make our Rainbow color in special pre-made batches of horns. While this actually means you will get your horn faster, it also means some horns will not come with live updates, as they are premade. You will get a picture of the horn(s) available to choose from, and if you don’t like them, we will happily make another batch! Please note rainbow color sequence may vary. Usually they come out with a red, blueish, or orange tip.

We are constantly improving on our designs based on feedback from our customers, so your handmade product may vary slightly from the photos, as each of our prints is an improvement over the previous one.

This horn does come to a 5mm point, and care should be taken that your mixer is pointed away from people who approach the mixer. We recommend storing the horn when using the mixer, and positioning the mixer away from people when the horn is on.

This horn does not spin, as that can damage your mixers motor. We do not make spinning horns for this reason.

Our PLA is a plant-based plastic material that is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials. We use only the finest brands available, and mainly source it locally when possible.

As always, we are happy to send you a picture of your finished/in progress order.

All orders follow a stringent sanitation process, using UVC light and Microban brand disinfectant before being immediately packaged for shipping.

Designed by drdesparche; attribution: thing 2795009

We reserve the right to edit this design for better fitment, as part of our continuous improvement process.

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